Blake Lively

This photo is the most used image for the advertising of the feature film that recently came out, "The Age of Adeline".  It was wonderful to work on this period film for the costumes and hairstyles and locations were stunning.   Blake was the star of the production and I was interested in meeting  her again as I worked with her when she was just 16 on the film, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".  Now all grown up and beautiful as ever,  I had another 2 months of filming to find the most flattering light and angles to bring out the best in her.
This close up  was actually taken not only on the first day of filming, but the first scene!  I arrived to the location at the top of the Hotel Vancouver and got my gear all prepped; then squeezed my way into the small office we were filming in; said hello to some crew members I had worked with on previous productions and took my first few frames which are what you see below.
I chose a long lens at a focal length of 200 to keep myself farthest away and most invisible from the actress as possible.  A long lens with a wide open fstop at 2.8  also blurs out the background which brings all attention to the subject.  There was a little atmospheric smoke to make the soft flattering light even softer.  I chose a shutter speed of 125 which is about the slowest you would want to go while hand holding a lens at 200.  My ISO was 1250 and my camera was a Nikon D800.


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