Harrison Ford

On the set of "Firewall" I had the pleasure of working with Harrison Ford.  Yes; Hans Solo; The Blade Runner himself!  He was more than a team player on the film set.  This photo was taken on the last day of filming outside a shack in the middle of nowhere some miles outside of Kelowna BC.  We had been at that location all week, swatting mosquitoes and spotting the cute marmots.  A rattle snake even found his way onto set and got picked up by a very brave kid in the locations department.  
Harrison Ford is not one to let a double take his place when conditions get uncomfortable and there was no complaining when he had to get out of a car surrounded by burning hot fires.  I did not even like it from where I was standing to get the shot!
It sometimes takes a bit of guess work to pick the right exposure of an artificially made fire. On a film set they may not let a fire burn until the cameras are rolling and the actor is in place so you hope you guessed properly.  I this case, the fire was lit at dusk which makes it considerably easier to guess.  Most often, the light of a fire will not overwhelm the light from daylight so you can choose an exposure based on the ambient light.  I shot this at 200th of a second to freeze the flames, F5 so I had some depth of field and ISO of 200 to preserve picture quality.  It is also good to remove any filters you may have in front of your lens if a light source (like a fire) is IN your frame to avoid a ghost refection in your image.  



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