I have gone back in the archives to bring you one of the most recognizable images of my career shooting in film and television.  On any given day of shooting you could capture a photograph that you end up seeing everywhere!  It may end up on a billboard, or on the  side of a bus or on the back of your morning breakfast cereal box!  This is Hugh Jackman aka the Wolverine on the set of XMen 3.  We were filming in the Vancouver Watershed that day.  I remember sitting on a tree stump waiting for the action to happen when I looked down to my right to see Hugh doing some pushups to get those muscles pumped up  just right for filming.  Visibly impressed by this display of manliness, I managed to gather myself together to capture this moment.   
It is surprisingly dark in the forest even in daylight, so I had my lens open to 2.8 at 200 ISO. I had a fast shutter speed of 250th of a second to capture the quick movements of Wolverine kicking but in the woods.  


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