Angelina Jolie

Here is something you do not see everyday.  Angelina Jolie as a blonde.  Strangely enough it suits her.  Well let’s face it.  Everything looks good on Angelina Jolie.  This photo was taken in Seattle Washington on the set of “Life or Something Like It” in 2001.   It was an interesting experience working on this film because having Angelina on set turned a normal production day into a “Hollywood” adventure.  There were paparazzi hanging around every corner.  Tons of fans had to be held back by barricades so the crew could go about our jobs of making a movie.  
I was still relatively new to the film industry as I had only worked on a handful of movies before this one so I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of activity that surrounds such a high profile actress.  On most of the sets I had worked on, I was free to shoot whatever I thought would make an excellent still image.  On this film, Angelina was in control of her public image and only allowed certain rare opportunities where I could photograph her in order to sell the film.  I must say I felt a lot of pressure trying to capture enticing images while having very little access to the set.   

A photographer must have a lot of skills besides technical.  In this case, I needed to utilize my ability to work very fast and under pressure.  It is important to remain calm and positive to be able to get beautiful and natural images. The photographer’s energy is what creates the tone for getting what you want from your subjects so you can not let pressure take away your zen.  This particular photo was set up AFTER the filming of the shot.  We had to hold back the crew from moving on to the next shot while I got Angelina to revisit the playful and flirtatious tone of the scene for my still camera.  


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