Death Valley Dune

I admit I absolutely love, love, love shooting the desert or anything dry.  It could be the minimalist aspect of it; or it could be because a barren landscape is very exotic compared to my home in the pacific northwest which is very wet with very big trees.  I find that a photo of a landscape lacking in plants or objects becomes a study of light, shadow and color which appeals more to the emotional side of the brain than the figurative or logical.  

I took this photo in  Death Valley Nevada.  I was on a climbing and hiking trip with my brother in May of 2011 when we drove from his home in LA to spots all over California, Utah and Nevada.  At the end of our trip we treated ourselves to a night of the not so civilized world of Las Vegas and then he went home to LA to work.  I stuck around another week because I felt like I had not taken enough photos of dry rocks so I rented a car and went to Death Valley.

I had a wonderful time wandering around the sand in over 40 degrees celsius with my camera and a lot of water.  For the first few days I just looked for landscapes that appealed to me and then I took note of what time of day that the light would look most interesting so I could come back at that time. Below is the photo I had to get up the earliest for.  To me this sand dune has a spine reminiscent of a serpent.   


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