Ben Kingsley

There are moments when shooting on a film set when you can be completely overwhelmed by the performances from the actors.  Ben Kingsley is such a strong actor that sometimes I forgot I was holding my camera and instead was transported into the scene playing out before me.  Yes, he is that good!!!  This photo was taken at one of my favourite places in British Columbia;  Long beach near Tofino on Vancouver island on the set of "Elegy".  You have got to love a day of work that takes you to one of the most beautiful wild beaches with one of the most impressive actors!  I took an opportunity while a new shot was being set up for filming, to kindly ask Sir Kingsley, if he would mind posing for a few photos while we waited.  He graciously agreed and this is the result!  I feel struck by his strength of character in this image even though his pose is fairly benign.
It was a bit of a lighting conundrum that day.  Of course I wanted the ocean in the background but the sun was coming from right and behind my subject.  An exposure favouring a face in shadow would over expose the beautiful background.   I could not face him a little more into the sun and shoot down along the beach because there would have been a messy film crew in my shot.  This was also a spontaneous opportunity and I did not have a bounce card or flash handy.  But.......  I realized I had brought a white sweatshirt.   I threw it on quickly and placed myself in the sun as much as possible to bounce some light in Ben Kingsley's face.  I used Photoshop to bring out more details in the background and Voila!     


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