Salvador Dali Look a Like

I imagine that most photographers like myself, will often use their friends and family as subjects for their work.  So it is always in a photographers best  interest to surround themselves with interesting and beautiful people!  All kidding aside, I used my partner Rolando to pose for me in a way that is reminiscent of a photograph of Salvador Dali.  Last November, he grew a hearty moustache to commemorate Movember.  This is in the month of November when men grow their upper lip hair to raise money for prostrate cancer research.  Much to my horror, when December came around the moustache was still there.  Then came January and February;  it was still there and developing a curled up life of its own and I was developing a new appreciation of it.   It reminded me of an iconic image of the famous artist sporting similar facial hair.   So I dragged my willing subject into the studio asking him to channel Dali and strike the pose.   I must say that he is a natural. 

I lit my surrealist wannabe with a soft box coming directly from the side with a grid to prevent spread. Another soft box, 2 stops lower in power than the key light was placed slightly camera left for fill.  A hard rim light from high  and camera left outlines his black hair against the dark grey back ground.   I upped the contrast considerably in photoshop to echo the film stock used in the original photo of Dali.  


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