Jessica Biel

Performers sometimes have to go through very strict training regimes to achieve a body that would befit an action hero.  Even though stunt performers often take over the most difficult of moves, the actors still need to be able to do a considerable amount of the choreography.  Jessica Biel spoke of how she ate no food with more taste than sawdust and worked out from sunrise to sunset for about 2 months before commencing the filming of “Blade 3”.  But wow was it worth it!  She looked great!  I photographed this muscled actress for the poster of this film.
I wanted to flatter her beautiful face as much as possible by surrounding her with soft light but I also wanted to show off her toned figure as well which often looks best with harder light coming from an angle.  So….for the close ups, I choose soft light and for the wider shots I used a little more shadowing.    She has a particularly nice jaw line so I brought the light a little higher to accentuate that.  I was shooting film in those days (2004), so I used my Hasselblad which shoots medium format square film.  I used a 100 iso positive fuji film.  
I remember the anxiety of shooting with slide film because the exposures had to be perfect,  as positive film has the best quality but very little latitude.  I actually had to bring the film to a lab and wait to see the results!  Imagine that!  Here is one of the close ups and an example of a poster that got made from one of my images from the shoot.


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